How to clean your computer screen safely, whether it’s glass-coated or an LED/LCD


It’s imperative to clear off your PC screen intermittently, however numerous individuals don’t have a clue how to appropriately clean their screens.

In the event that you don’t spotless your screen appropriately, you could harm it forever and perhaps hurt your PC.

The way you clean your PC screen generally relies upon what it’s made of – you must be more cautious with LED/LCD screens than glass-covered ones.

We’ve all had that second – you’re sitting at your work area on a typical workday, at that point the sun begins sparkling straightforwardly on your screen, and you understand you don’t have the foggiest idea when you last cleaned it. Indeed, it might have been for such a long time that you’ve neglected how you should clean it.

On the off chance that this seems like you, don’t feel really awful – most specialists suggest that you should just clean your PC screen each three to a half year. So in the event that you’ve stood considerably a year since the last time you cleaned, it bodes well that you probably won’t recall all the do’s and don’ts of the cycle.

Here’s a useful manual for assist you with recollecting how to clean your particular PC screen, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or PC, including which items you ought to and shouldn’t use for your particular kind of show.

What to know prior to cleaning a PC screen

Before you begin cleaning your screen, ensure you understand what sort of screen you have, and have the legitimate supplies.

Glass-covered screens versus Driven/LCD screens

PC screens are not all made something very similar – and subsequently they can’t all be cleaned a similar way.

Glass-covered screens: The screens you find on most Mac PCs are glass-covered. Showcases like this are somewhat less fragile than LED or LCD screens.

Driven/LCD screens: These screens are generally found on Windows PCs. Dissimilar to glass-covered screens, they’re comprised of small fluid gems and can be effectively harmed on the off chance that you’re not cautious. Most touchscreens and matte presentations are LED/LCD.

Supplies you need

Ensure you have the legitimate supplies for your screen before you begin.


For any screen:

Two microfiber materials – one that can get wet and one to stay dry.

A cleaning arrangement that will deal with your particular screen.

It’s imperative to utilize a microfiber material and the legitimate cleaning answer for the sort of screen you have.

How to clean phone screen

For a LCD/LED screen:

You might need to look on your maker’s site and check what sorts of arrangements are alright for the screen type you have – factors like whether your screen is matte or a touchscreen may influence this.

On the off chance that you would prefer not to arrange a particular cleaning arrangement, you can make one out of one section white vinegar and one section water.


For a glass-covered screen:

In the event that you have a glass-covered screen on your PC, you have a couple of more choices concerning what cleaners you can utilize, yet you should in any case be cautious. You can utilize one of the arrangements recorded above, however you can likewise utilize:


Clorox sanitizer

70% isopropyl liquor

A light duster (discretionary)

Cleaning tips

Before you start, there are a couple of more significant things to specify that you ought to and ought not do when cleaning your PC screen.


Mood killer your PC prior to cleaning – this is simply protected practice where any measure of fluid is included, however more explicitly, any static on the screen could make a stun and harm the interior parts.

Eliminate any residue on the screen with the dry microfiber fabric or a delicate duster.

Utilize sifted or refined water on the off chance that you need to utilize it, particularly in regions with hard water – minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water you use could likewise harm your screen.

Wipe in close, Z-molded movements, or straightforwardly here and there or side to side. Cleaning around and around can make lopsided pressing factor and eventually lead to screen harm. It’s likewise bound to make streaking.


Utilize any texture that feels unpleasant to the touch – even a texture as delicate as a cotton shirt has tangles and lopsided parts that can harm a PC screen. Microfiber materials are ideal on the grounds that the strands are little to such an extent that they can cover every last trace of the screen with even pressing factor simultaneously, wiping out any chance for scratches.

Use anything containing fade to clean your screen.

Splash any cleaning arrangement straightforwardly onto the screen. To stay away from any danger of harm from overabundance dampness, splash the arrangement straightforwardly onto the microfiber material all things considered.

Apply pressure when you clean the screen. This will probably harm the inner segments of the screen and could leave scratches or spots of staining or dead pixels that will not disappear.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with an especially obstinate spot, don’t clean – rather, leave the soggy fabric sitting on the screen for a few minutes, at that point attempt to delicately wipe it away once more.

Step by step instructions to clean a PC screen

Whenever you’ve killed your PC and tidied off the screen, fog a residue free side of your microfiber fabric with a cleaning arrangement that is alright for the kind of screen you have.

Continuously splash the cleaning arrangement onto your material, never straightforwardly onto the screen.twomeows/Getty Images

Wipe the screen in a reliable, non-round movement without applying a lot pressure. Ensure no dampness collects, particularly at the corners – on the off chance that it does, utilize a dry corner of microfiber fabric to delicately wipe it away.

Permit the screen to air dry.

On the off chance that any streaks remain once the screen dries, tenderly buff them away with the dry material.


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